Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trip to Indiana

Apparently I forgot to post this. Oops. I had the pictures loaded and ready to go and forgot. Life gets in the way like that. Without further ado, here's our trip to Indiana...

Yes, this is how the boys traveled through the airport. 

Gabriel and his buddy Dean meet up every year for some quality time. Here they are on the Fourth of July watching some fireworks.

Xander wanted to color and Gramma was happy to oblige.

On one of the only decent weather days while we were there, the boys got some outside play time with the sprinkler.

And had a snack....

Watched Daddy ride a bike...

And snacked some more....

Can't forget our annual trip to the Ft Wayne Zoo. 

And the time flies and we were off again to the airport.

And for everyone wondering about Xander's backpack. It's a shark backpack complete with this hood.

Apparently the trip to Gramma and Grandpa's wore him out.

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Been Awhile....

Xander would like to welcome you to summer.

He's been swimming, biking, riding his scooter, 

and it's worn him out.

He's obsessed with his helmet. 

And his best buddy.


And coming soon.....our first family camping trip. Stay tuned for details.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Uncle Adam's Visit and Some Gardening

Uncle Adam came to visit! The boys, all three of them, had a great time. We went to the playground.

 We saw a baseball game. Gabriel's first Rockies game!

And we attempted to get in the annual "boys" picture. I think this was the best.

Almost but not quite.

And another so close.

Some reading time.

After Uncle Adam left we got ANOTHER big snow. So when the weather finally brightened up the following weekend. We took advantage of it. It was time for some gardening.

And when we were done, we moved over to the sandbox.

And a little bit of water play.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


This Easter we were in for a treat. Daddy taught us all how to dye eggs. And by all, I mean all. It was a first even for Mommy. :)

Xander's confused....he's wondering where the eggs are.

Daddy setting up the dye.

Watching the process the first time through.

And now we get to try it out.

Something must have been ewwie.

But oh so fascinating.

Yes Mommy has the bunny ears.

The Easter boys.

The finished product.

Our Easter baskets. Xander of course digging right in and finding the chocolate.

Gabriel finding his special ID bracelet.

And finally Daddy reading the Charlie Brown Easter story, at Gabriel's request because he's currently obsessed with Snoopy.